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So! It finally happened. Metal Gear Solid 4 launched. I went out and checked the launch here in Osaka. Seems like the US launch was more successful with bigger crowds, bigger hype. For a AAA game (and hardware bundle), the Tokyo lines were surprisingly short. Like compared to how, say, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G moved games and software in Japan with hundreds of people turning out at multiple locations across Tokyo in droves, the MGS4 launch here was way low-key. No doubt Sony is hoping MGS4 will do the same in Japan. Guess we'll find out when the official sales numbers come in.


As I mentioned in the comment section: Granted, it was raining in Tokyo (sunny in Osaka!) and there was that recent Akihabara tragedy, but from what I saw MGS4 doesn't look like it's doing gangbusters here. Maybe the actual sales figures will be different or maybe the game has legs or maybe everyone will be picking it up on the way home from work. Who knows?

Tomorrow I have the day off! I shall spend it reading a very cool looking Japanese monster book Yokai Attack! and drinking pricey Japanese beer. Tomorrow will be awesome. I can feel it.

(Oh, and creepy spider, dude.)

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