Metal Gear Solid 4 Launch Delayed In Spain

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Metal Gear Solid 4 has launched pretty much everywhere. Well, everywhere save for Spain. The game hasn't yet launched there because of a transportation strike against the high price of gasoline. Konami Europe isn't able to get the game to stores. Here's the statement from Konami Europe:

Konami Digital Entertainment Spain regrets to info of possible delays, through no fault of the company, may occur in the distribution of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for PLAYSTATION 3 in the coming days.

Although the official launch globally is June 12, 2008, the product will be unavailable this week in Spain due to the transport strike.

In the continuing effort to maintain the best gaming experience for our users, Konami Digital Entertainment deeply regrets that this contingency affect the date of launch of a long-awaited title.

Will be informed shortly of the date on which the product will be available in our country.


Bummer that the launch had to be pushed back due to a transport strike. The price of gas isn't anything to be happy about, either.

Comunicado sobre la fecha de lanzamiento de Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [Konami Thanks, Lauren!] [Pic]

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@dead_red_eyes: We didnt have lack of fuel until everyone heard on the news that there could be a lack of fule, so like idiots that only the masses can be, we flooded gas stations a bit all over the country, thus, we ended up with a real lack of the gas stations, that is, because everyone has gas on their tanks now.

@excel_excel: I wont, Sony decided it was a good plan to bundle the game with a Six-Axis... so, I tought it was a good plan not to buy a PS#... possibly, ever!

@dead_red_eyes: (Sadly) Everyone is too happy with the current Portuguese football team performance in the Euro 2008 to really notice how close we were to a really (really!) bad situation.