Metacritic Now Ranks iPhone and iPad Games

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Metacritic, whose cumulative scores provide a thumbs-up/thumbs-down barometer that can move games publishers' stock prices, has expanded. The review aggregator has begun listing iPhone and iPad apps.


"Our addition of a robust iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch games section ... reflects the critical community's growing acceptance of the iOS platform as a legitimate, full-fledged gaming system whose games can compete with those designed for the more established, dedicated gaming systems," the site said in an announcement.

Currently, the top six include Bug Heroes, released in January; Land-a-Panda, which dropped March 10; Save Toshi, from December, followed by Dead Space and NBA Jam as two big-brand ports from major publishers.


Site News: Metacritic on iPhone, iPhone on Metacritic [Metacritic]

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Apple needs to start buying a few devs, since it does seem likely they will enter the console war in some form sooner or later.