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Mega Man & Rap Music Were Made for Each Other

Illustration for article titled Mega Man  Rap Music Were Made for Each Other

Nerd rap superstar Random, who you may also know as Mega Ran, is back with a brand new album called Mega Ran 10. It's all about, yeah, Mega Man.


What's great about Random is that you don't ever drop an asterix next to his skills. Like, oh, he's good, for a nerdcore rapper. Guy can just rap, period.


For Mega Man tragics, know there's a track that touches on the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. It's a real tear-jerker.

The album will be out tomorrow, and you can get it digitally, on CD or vinyl at the link below.

Mega Ran 10 [Random]

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Expect lots and lots of extremely biased rap-hate in comments.