Rap Music, Final Fantasy VII and Some Pretty Visuals

It's a wonderful world we live in when rappers can release singles from albums devoted entirely to Final Fantasy VII.


Nerd rap superstar Mega Ran, who we've featured before, has with Jon Louden put together this video for the track Absolute, which can be found on his Black Materia album.


If you like what you hear, you can grab the album here.

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Eh, it's nothing special to me, outside spitting out a bunch of video game references in succession....but it's all built around bragging about themselves so I'm automatically turned off.

Seriously, a large part of my distaste of rap music (especially what has become mainstream) is the bragging, flippant racism and sexism (not in this song though), and constantly being self referential. It gets annoying when someone has to tell you how good they are or how you should feel about them, just SHOW me and then I'll care. Make a song about something ELSE outside yourself, or try to relate something you feel to others. I know there are those that don't, that create a song with some meaning, but there are too damn FEW of them, and sadly there is a wide enough audience that doesn't give a crap.

Also, alot of the beat work in Rap comes off as watered down techno but with more heavy use of bass. I get that it's usually done because the lyrics are what's important, but if they suck, then you're left with nothing.