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Final Fantasy Rap Levels Up

Here's a song about Aeris, that (SPOILERS!) dead chick from Final Fantasy VII. It's awesome.

Rapper Random, aka Mega Ran, used to be considered a Capcom man. No longer, it seems, as he's about to release an entire album dedicated to Square Enix's classic 1997 RPG.


Sure, the premise isn't that original — we've seen FFVII rap albums before — but this one is wonderful, as Ran is writing and recording all his own rhymes, not just laying down other people's over the game's soundtrack.


Here's hoping it's all as good as this first track, because this first track is great.

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Biggie Flowers, taken out in her prime.

May her rhymes carry on into eternity.

Aeris "Midgar M.A.F.I.A." Gainsborough. 1997-1997. RIP.