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Mega Man is a man among robots, but is he spiffy enough to top a French robot built in 1810 that writes poetry for a spot in the Robot Hall of Fame?


Capcom isn't completely sure and that's why they're asking their blog readers to go support their iconic blue-clad hero by voting for him on the Robot Hall of Fame's official site. The French robot, Maillardet's Automaton is currently ahead of Mega Man by 8% — but I'd say Dr. Wily's foe has much stiffer competition from Futurama's Bender and Invader Zim's Gir.

It may be that Mega Man still has a chance, even if the Automaton tops him in the voting pool; the Robot Hall of Fame has two categories to honor robots. One is for real-life robots like Honda's ASIMO and the other honors robots from science fiction where robots "have achieved worldwide fame as fictional characters and have helped form our opinions about the functions and values of real robots."


Hm. Maybe Bender and Gir's chances aren't so good, then. Also Will Wright is on the jury, so that may be Mega Man's ace in the hole.

Get Mega Man into Robot Hall of Fame [Capcom]

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