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Mega Man Fans, Capcom is Reading Your Mail. All of it.

Illustration for article titled emMega Man/em Fans, Capcom is Reading Your Mail. All of it.

Ever since Mega Man Legends 3 was canned, fans of the franchise have been going bananas, wondering how Capcom could ever do such a thing.


(It may have something to do with the fact Mega Man fans aren't as numerous as they think!)


While that's resulted in the expected amount of angry words typed anonymously on the internet, a few people took matters a little more seriously and sent Capcom letters. Real, paper letters.

What's more, some of them look like they're nice! Pretty sketches, fancy letterhead and long, considered arguments helping achieve the personal touch that internet petitions are so lacking in.

Capcom is reading each and every single one of these letters, and while the company remains adamant it won't be revisiting the project, Capcom's senior VP Christian Svensson says in response to the letters "I am personally working to help please MM fans once again at some point."


Capcom could not confirm whether that meant toasting the letters on Turkish bread shortly after this photo was taken.

Just wanted to say... [Capcom]

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Hmmm..... "Not as numerous as they think."

Guess it's time to let go.... Between this, and the way Nintendo seems to have almost abandoned "Metroid", I guess it's time to pack it in.

My two favorite/longest running franchises seem to have expired.... Something tells me my game playing career probably should now as well.

There are still other franchises that I adore, but I have history with Rock, and Samus.... The only other old school franchise I love as much as these two is "Castlevania", and something tells me that's the next one to go down.

What a lousy year.