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Mega Man's 3DS Game Bites the Dust

In case you couldn't tell from the lack of serious updates or the departure of the game's creator, Capcom's Mega Man Legends 3 has now officially been shitcanned.


Neither the community-driven prototype or a final commercial product will be released, Capcom saying the progress made on the game did not meet "the required criteria" necessary for continued development.

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A Message from Capcom [Capcom]

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Oh you, whiny little nerd raging kids and your pathetic entitlement issues. You're so silly.

With your consistant pissy little selfish, self-entitled, overdramatic bitchy fits, deluded arrogance and ignorance over the illusions you build up in your own minds that you're somehow owed everything in the universe that does or doesn't exist, without any shred of thought gracing your simple minds that Capcom could be having a problem of their own with the game not related to you.

Nope. Didn't you know? Capcom exists soley to shit in your Rice Crispies. It's not due to any other reason than that they hate you and they want you to die. It's so obvious, right? They clearly must have something against you.

I mean naw, it couldn't POSSIBLY be Capcom having any real internal problems or reasons, or having their own development problems to deal with, right? NAWWW.

Clearly they do it to spite all of you. Becuase, y'know, Capcom's internel problems are all done just to piss YOU off. Clearly the world and the sun, and the rest of the solar system revolves around all of you too.

But seriously. GROW THE FUCK UP. Every single one of you self-entitled little assholes bitching about how one game being canceled is the downfall of all civilization.

Grow fucking up.

Also, welcome to the goddamn gaming industry. Actually, welcome to the goddamn ENTERTAINMENT industry. Things get canceled. Boo hoo hoo.

Here's the steps: Cry river. Build bridge. Stop snivling. And get the fuck over it, for the love of god almighty.

And for fucks sake, scrap up some dignity, wipe the smeared snot off of your scrunched up, beet red, howling little faces, and stop pissing yourself and holding your breath and throwing whinging little tantrums like babies under the age of 4, acting like it's always about YOU, everytime something happens that just minorly inconveniences you.

Or maybe, just shut the fuck up ahead of time instead of looking like such sniveling, howling, irritating, embarrassing little tools en masse. It's sickening. True fact.