Mega Man Christmas Carol Beats The Dickens Out Of Holiday Boredom

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Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Mega Man Christmas Carol replaces the robot masters with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, plus that poor old bastard Marley.


Dr. Light co-stars as an insane Santa Claus running the conspiracy. Mega Man Christmas Carol features no levels, just the boss battles. One question - what power does he acquire for defeating Christmas Past? A Mega Regret-Buster?

A Mega Man Christmas Carol [Sprites, Inc. via The Tanooki]

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Finally just beat it. If anyone is having a hard time with the two last boss forms:

On form one, start on the left side of the screen and jump while spamming the Twinkle weapon. It can both harm the boss and destroy his awful homing lasers, and it's pretty crucial that you destroy the first homing laser or you'll be all twisted up the entire time. Dodge the bomb that will drop to the left by running to the right, and try to focus more on killing his lasers than hurting him.

Once you've done enough damage, he will only drop bombs and occasionally shoot lasers, and these little robots will run across the screen. Use your normal buster to kill the robots until they drop weapon refills, and switch to your Twinkle to refill it and just keep jumping and shooting at Santa from the left side of the screen.

The second form is stupid easy once you figure it out; I beat him without getting hit on my winning try. Equip the chain weapon and stay on the left side of the screen the entire time. He will shoot these spinning lasers, but they will miss you if you're as far left as possible. The key to fighting him on the first phase is to stay left and use the chain whenever he shoots these bouncing bombs down on you, as the chain will send them right back at him every time for good damage. Occasionally he will summon some kind of blizzard, and when that happens just spam the C button to slide through it. Easy peasy. Eventually he'll start shooting more spinny lasers, but they will still miss. Hit bombs back.

On the third phase, he will stop raining down bombs and will begin shooting two waves of lasers. You can still dodge almost all of the lasers from the left of the screen; all except the very last laser in the second wave. When you see it coming up, just take a few steps right. Once you realize how it's done, it's very easy. He'll still blizzard you occasionally, but without the bombs, you'll have to charge your default buster up all the way to do any damage. Just keep dodging, sliding, and shooting.

Right before he dies, he will drop down to the bottom of the screen and summon a perpetual blizzard. When this happens, just slide until you are all the way up against the wall, then turn around and use the Present bomb weapon. It will run across the screen and get him, and this will make short work of his remaining life bar. After that, just enjoy the horrible ending :)