Some lucky gamer has seized the chance to splurge next month's rent on a limited-run Mega Man 9 press kit. Capcom have knocked out a bunch of these to selected press and community members. One such has just earned a cool $750. Economic meltdown? Pah! As long as there is quality games swag floating abut you can be sure that someone is going to find some ready cash in order to indulge themselves. Of course, in these difficult times, highly covetable promotional tat is likely to be the most solid investment around. Gold is just a shiny metal, after all - this thing comes in a box shaped like a NES cart. Beat that, gold. Stupid gold. UPDATE: the kits will be going on sale for, er, $49.95 tomorrow. Ouch. Limited Edition Mega Man 9 Launch Pack and T -Shirt XL [eBay via Capcom-Unity]