Nike is the new maker of uniform apparel for the NFL, and yesterday saw the unveiling of the new threads for all 32 teams. And they're ... basically the same as last year's for most teams in this tradition-bound sports institution.

The Seattle Seahawks did get a makeover but, as the excellent Uni Watch by Paul Lukas notes, most of the other changes are very subtle. Madden of course will reflect the new uniform designs—and their sponsorship—and released this screenshot of the Ravens' getup. They'll be showing more at the game's Facebook page.


Lukas notes that all but five of the designs feature the "sweatbox," the part of the shirt that appears to enhance a player's backsweat. We saw these throughout the NCAA Tournament. So, EA Sports, you're on notice. Nasty, nasty back sweat? It's in the game! Or had better be.

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