Meet The Man Who Fixes Broken PC Games

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From Deadly Premonition to Dark Souls, sometimes a PC game is released that's, well, let's call it an unoptimised port. Which leaves fans to do the work in getting them up to scratch, and of late no fan has become more "famous" than Durante.


The NeoGAF member, whose quick improvements to the above games made him something of a saviour to fans of the titles, has been profiled on Wired, juice-sipping photo and all, and it's a good read.


Especially the part where he reminds people of the reason why he can work so fast: he doesn't need to worry about the same levels of quality assurance a publisher would.

Is Your Game Crap? This Fan Will Fix It for You [Wired]

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I was on gaf while he was fixing deadly premonition. He got a build of the fix finished in 30 minutes. What the hell is wrong with these game companies where they have armies of people working on these games, but can't fix dumb shit like this? And one dude is putting them all to shame