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Meet Far Cry 3's Motley Crew of Russian Crims, Ex-Soldiers and Scottish Thugs

Apologies if you've seen too much of Far Cry 3 this week, what with it being the most over-exposed title at the press conferences (I'm surprised it wasn't at EA's just for kicks), but you can hopefully spare room for one more clip. Because it's a co-op trailer.


While we know the game supports up to four players in the mode, this trailer introduces us to the four characters you'll be able to take control of.


I like that one of them is Scottish. There aren't nearly enough characters in games that are literally branded "Scottish Thug".

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The more I see Far Cry 3, the more I despise it. It just feels really shallow and mass-produced specifically to target the money. Of course every game is developed to sell for profit, but this game just feels down right offending in that regard.