Far Cry 3 Brings the Crazy with Four Player Co-Op

Illustration for article titled emFar Cry 3/em Brings the Crazy with Four Player Co-Op

Far Cry 3 will offer four-player co-operative multiplayer when it releases, Ubisoft said at Sony's E3 keynote address. A live gameplay demonstration then followed. "We were working on two games," Ubisoft Montreal's Dan Hay told the audience.


The multiplayer suite will include a map editor, Hay added. The PlayStation 3 version will include free exclusive DLC.

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Anyone else feel like "cooperative multiplayer" is redundant? To me, cooperative gameplay is a team working together against AI, either in campaign (like Halo 3 campaign) or team-slayer/objective based/horde mode matchmaking (ME3). Multiplayer is more competitive, PvP, if you will, and you can play either solo or with your friends/team.

I know, it's just semantics, but still...confuses me when I see that phrase.