Media Molecule: LBP Sequel Would "Fragment" Its Community

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Media Molecule leaves little doubt it has no plans for any kind of a sequel to LittleBigPlanet, with a designer calling it "the most counterproductive thing you could do," in an interview with Critical Gamer.


"We'd never want to do that," said Danny Leaver, adding that a sequel would fragment the game's community. Producer Martin Lynagh said that the game's existing strategy of updates and DLC - and both have been robust enough - will be status quo.

"I think what you've seen so far from LittleBigPlanet, that's the way it's going to continue," Lynagh told Critical Gamer.

There's this and much more in an extensive interview, the first part of which was published today.

A LittleBigPlanet 2 Would Be "Counterproductive" Say Media Molecule [Critical Gamer via Evil Avatar]



I only rented the game, and plan to pick up the GOTY copy, and maybe someone can answer a few questions.

Does MM make new levels for sale, or am I relegated to playing user created levels? I don't like community built levels. I will pay for more MM made levels, either by DLC or a sequel.

Game music. This is something that gets updated with sequels. It changes the flavor, and reduces the redundancy of the game. #littlebigplanet