Medal of Honor's Singleplayer Will Present 'Two Different Sides'

Perhaps I spoke too soon about Medal of Honor's singleplayer. In this look at the campaign, executive producer Greg Goodrich says the story will be told "from two different sides."


This video shows two singleplayer missions, including one in which players head into town to gather intel on al Qaida. It seems unlikely the singleplayer would tell a story from the American forces' side and then suddenly jump into the shoes of those they're fighting. Maybe he means a story told from the perspective of Tier 1 operators and regular soldiers. Because it sounds like anything even seemingly sympathetic to a side Americans are currently fighting in real life will only ramp up the noise about the game.

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Isaiah Bradley

as an American servicemember, if this game features a single player campaign that has you playing in the shoes of al-Qaeda killing American Soldiers, I will cancel my preorder.