Medal Of Honor Bigger

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Call of Duty big. Medal of Honor bigger (depending on how you count).

According to Polygon, EA VR shooter Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is 340 GB of raw bigness. It becomes less big—a mere 170 GB (giga bigs)—once you unpack and install it. For comparison’s sake, Call of Duty, the previous king of big, maxes out at 250 GB (god, (that’s) bigs) with all bells and whistles enabled, but slims down to a svelte 175 GB (go big or go bhomes) if you play on a saner setting.


In a head-to-head bigness competition, the winner is clear: Nobody. Please, spare our hard drives.

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Cake Tank!

But how does it half its file size after the install? Usually, files are compressed to make it easier to download, then unpacked afterwards. How is the reverse supposed to work?