Call Of Duty Big

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Call of Duty big now. Real big. 250 GB on PC big.

Last year, Call of Duty was already big. This year, it is bigger.

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Image: Activision

If 250 GB is too big for you, there are bigness options that make it less big, like a non-4k install that brings the big down to 175 GB or a multiplayer-only client that clocks in at just 50 GB (Great Bigs).

Will Call of Duty be even bigger next year? Probably.

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I would be fascinated to know how the average Call of Duty player performs on the hardest difficulty of Doom (Classic, of course).

My theory is that most people play Call of Duty because they are filled with “teh soopar patreoot feeulz” and want to play a “REAL AMURICN GAME”, and would in fact get slaughtered at Doom, as I so often do (not possessing the ability to perceive depth properly in real life enough to catch a thrown object, much less conceptualize a 3-D battlefield).

I got cut off from videogames largely when they went the way of FPS’s. I wonder if people who play Call of Duty so relentlessly do it because they want to be good at a game or if they really just “Love America” so much that Democrats and everyone not-white-cisgender-male can die for all they care.

Oh was this comment too inflammatory for people who play games shooting human beings in a consequence-free simulated environment that doesn’t punish them for their wanton disregard for human life? Sorry, *bruh.*