Mecho Wars Adds More Challenges, An Entire Second Campaign For Free

Illustration for article titled Mecho Wars Adds More Challenges, An Entire Second Campaign For Free

iPhone's answer to Advance Wars, Mecho Wars, received a pretty substantial update to the game yesterday, free of charge.


The latest patch for fairly fun real-time strategy game seems to answer a lot of the issues brought up in my and other reviews of the game. Most significant is the addition of info tiles for each piece that can be brought up by tapping on a character. This tile tells you their movements, attack range and strengths and weaknesses against other classes of units.

The patch also includes two new maps to play through in the story-free challenge mode that you can only access after beating the original campaign. The biggest pleasant surprise is that the game's update included a complete new single-player campaign, this time played from the point of view of the Landians.

New maps and a new campaign for free? All they need to do now is add online mulitplayer support and Mecho Wars is going to be a must have for the platform.



holy shit! its mother nature! she gives me nightmares still. i hope this game gets a better reception than eternitys child.

the weird thing is im one of the few people that bought eternitys child and actually (kinda) enjoyed it. i just hope hes still going to release content for it like he promised (hint hint hint if youre reading).