Mechner Pens Prince Of Persia Prequel Graphic Novel

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Series creator Jordan Mechner once again plumbs the depths of the Prince of Persia mythology, penning an anthology graphic novel to serve as a prequel to the upcoming feature film.


The Prince of Persia graphic novel anthology, due out in April of next year, features six short stories authored by Mechner and serves as a prequel to The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Along with creating the original Prince of Persia video game, Mechner also penned the screen story for the film, making him ridiculously qualified to pen a bridge between the two. This will be Mechner's first published book, though not his last, as he is currently collaborating with artists LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland on an original graphic novel trilogy for First Second Books.

Speaking of collaborating, the graphic novel will feature exclusive cover art created by Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame, and promises interior art by some of the biggest names in the comics industry. The book will be available in both soft cover and hardcover editions, with an initial print run of 125,000 copies.


Jordan Mechner will be joined by McFarlane, along with Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Cameron Stewart, at the San Diego Comic-Con this Friday, discussing the creation of the graphic novel during the Disney Press panel.

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ugh... obvious typo is a typo

on topic: Hopefully this writer doesn't bring in an annoying creature like some other prequels we know