[Image: That’s]

Goodness. Look at those buns! They’re quite green.

To mark the Angry Birds’ movie release, McDonald’s in China is serving up Angry Birds themed food, including this Bad Piggy burger. Well, according to website That’s, it’s actually called a “Naughty Green Pork Burger.”

That’s said the burger “wasn’t half bad,” adding: “It wasn’t as large, or as succulent as the advertisement made it appear, but then again they never are. The burger included a pork patty, an egg, lettuce, a mysterious sauce with a hint of jalapeños, and the notorious green buns.”

[Image: wxrw123]

China is also getting an Angry Red Burger, which is a double chicken patty with red buns.


[Image: Great Chef]

And a cool box. Below are more photos of China’s Angry Birds themed McDonald’s.

[Image: zhoumozuosha]


[Image: zhoumozuosha]
[Image: cqdst]

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