MC Hammer. Zombies. Achievement. That is All.

MC Hammer once had a house atop a hill off the 680 near Fremont, Calif., and every time I passed it I'd say to myself, "Self, some day I'll write a Kotaku post about MC Hammer." That day has come.

MC Hammer, or at least his silhouette anyway, will make an appearance in the achievements for Zombie Apocalypse, the top-down zombie shooter coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. If you "rack up a 100x multiplier in any game mode," you get "Can't Touch This." Because, you know, you're a big shot. There's no doubt. Light a fire and pee it out.


Is this licensed? Does Konami, just like the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2, have diplomatic immunity, so Hammer you can't sue?

This also reminds me of one of the all-time great WTF dreams a friend told me about. He said he was at the state fair, and MC Hammer had kidnapped Bill Clinton, taking him to the top of a ferris wheel. The crowd gathered around and began yelling - you can guess the punchline - "Please Hammer, don't hurt him!"

Zombie Apocalypse - Monster Achievements [Console Monster via Destructoid. Photo via Flickr photographer Richard Anderson]

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