Maybe That Toshinden Wii-boot Won't Be So Bad

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Takara Tomy's been pretty quiet on the rebooted Toshinden that it announced last October. We don't know that much about the 3D Wii brawler, but at least we know now who is developing it.


That would be Dream Factory, as rooted out by Siliconera. If you're hoping for the best, remember that Dream Factory was responsible for the Tobal series on the original PlayStation, as well as Ergheiz. You know, the one with the tacked on Final Fantasy VII crew?

The down side is that Dream Factory is also responsible for such duds as The Bouncer and Kakuto Chojin, so buyer beware.

At least the artwork's pretty good?

Ehrgeiz Developers Working On Toshinden Revival [Siliconera]


The problem with battle arena toshinden was, like 90% of the fighters to come out in that era, people ignored how crappy the characters, graphics, animation and most importantly gameplay was because it was one of the first 3d fighters. (See tekken and vf for more examples of terrible fighters).

To do a remake there must be something at the core of the game enjoyable enough to expand upon. Sadly this isn't the case. Judging by the artwork the game will be toshinden in name only. I don't remember gap commercial wanna-bes in any toshinden game.