Toshinden Returns. On The Wii. Yay.

Illustration for article titled Toshinden Returns. On The Wii. Yay.

The newest issue of Famitsu reveals that Takara Tomy will be reviving the Toshinden series, this time on the Wii. The 3D fighter, best known for the fact that it was a 3D fighter, owes much of its success to there being no better alternative on the original PlayStation. Perhaps lightning will strike twice with the next Toshinden. The fighter, which features both weapons-based and hand-to-hand combat is currently undated. Currently available character artwork indicates that all manner of anime and manga stereotype will be playable.

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I'll admit it, I own the entire Toshinden series save for the Saturn spinoffs (owned a Saturn for LITERALLY five days before selling it to get an N64), and this news only makes me sad.

I don't know what Hanta virus the Japanese have got that makes them think fighting games would work on the Wii, but we need to get a vaccine for it, stat.