Maybe Avengers Alliance Can Make Sense Of Marvel's Infinity Event

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Marvel's universe-spanning "Infinity" event is coming to turn-based social RPG Avengers Alliance, where it will hopefully make more sense. I am so lost in space right now.


There's just something about the Infinity series ("Infinity Gauntlet", "Infinity Crusade", "Infinity War", "Infinity Bucket") that makes my brain turn off. I've read each series and its crossovers in the recommended order multiple times, and I still couldn't tell you much more than Thanos and gems.

It's even worse with the latest series, simply titled "Infinity." The brilliant Jonathan Hickman and an army of creative comic book types have been laying the groundwork for this series in books since the launch of Marvel Now, constructing a complicated tapestry that I cannot for the life of me follow. I've read every book concerned with the event, and I've got nothing. At this point I think my brain is selectively skipping bits, just to piss me off.

So Avengers Alliance is my last hope. The newest Spec Op event for the game on Facebook and Playdom has Thanos going after Black Bolt of the Inhumans, possessor of the most ironically beautiful singing voice and the grand prize for completing all of the Ops' missions. There'll be special Inhumans Lockboxes to collect for a chance to recruit the mysterious Thane as a playable character, adding his mysterious powers of mystery to your team.

Other featured characters include Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, The Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf and Supergiant, characters whose names should probably mean more to me.

Will it make more sense than the "Infinity" comic event? Probably not to me. My brain has already erased the last few paragraphs from my memory.



I seriously cannot remember a Marvel crossover event that DIDNT suck. This isnt even trollbait! I SWEAR! I just cant remember when I've ever been engrossed in a crossover that Marvel has put out. Civil War was okay, until they totally retconned everything and technically NOTHING actually mattered in the long run. (All honesty, I love DC and have only really connected with Marvel thru the movies.)