Maybe Avengers Alliance Can Make Sense Of Marvel's Infinity Event

Marvel's universe-spanning "Infinity" event is coming to turn-based social RPG Avengers Alliance, where it will hopefully make more sense. I am so lost in space right now. » 9/23/13 7:30pm 9/23/13 7:30pm

Avengers Alliance Is About To Get Three Times Cooler

At yesterday's Marvel Games panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Playdom revealed exciting plans for its social/mobile hit Avengers Alliance, though none quit as exciting as these three upcoming purchasable heroes — Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo. » 7/21/13 2:00pm 7/21/13 2:00pm

Dammit, Avengers Alliance Is On iOS Now

Avengers Alliance, the oddly-compelling Marvel-themed turn-based role-playing game that I had serious trouble tearing myself away from on Facebook, is now a free iOS game. This is not good. » 6/13/13 6:30pm 6/13/13 6:30pm

The Top PVP Players in Avengers Alliance Deserve Punishment

Avenger's Alliance is a single-player turn-based role-playing game, but it's also a competition, with players vying for top positions in seasonal PVP tournaments. Season five is around the corner, and players that fight harder than most have a chance to secure the punishment they so richly deserve, courtesy of artist… » 2/14/13 4:55pm 2/14/13 4:55pm

Why Deadpool is the Best Character in Avengers Alliance

I've been playing far too much of Marvel's Avengers Alliance on Facebook lately, or maybe I've been playing the right amount, as I had just enough command points to recruit the fourth wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth into my party. Now it's really a party. » 2/12/13 3:55pm 2/12/13 3:55pm

The First Playable Villain in Avengers Alliance Isn't All Bad

Dear Playdom, when you announce a playable "villain" for the wildly popular Facebook role-playing game Avengers Alliance » 1/29/13 3:55pm 1/29/13 3:55pm, I expect a real villain, not Mr. Flippity-Floppity Magnet Man.

Facebook's Favorite Games of 2012

There are what Kotaku thinks are the best games on Facebook, and then there are the games Facebook's game curators and players think are the most playable pieces on the social network. I find their lack of Robot Rising disturbing. » 12/27/12 10:55am 12/27/12 10:55am

Chapter Nine Brings the Prince of Power to Avengers Alliance

Marvel's mighty Facebook game just got a fair bit mightier with the launch of Chapter Nine, the challenge of Excelsior Mode, and the one and only (give or take a couple dozen) son of Zeus—the incredible Herc. » 10/18/12 12:55pm 10/18/12 12:55pm