At yesterday's Marvel Games panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Playdom revealed exciting plans for its social/mobile hit Avengers Alliance, though none quit as exciting as these three upcoming purchasable heroes — Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo.

Season Two of Avengers Alliance is hitting the Facebook version of the game soon, bringing with it Heroic Battles, special fights that leave the players' S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out of the mix in favor of reliving iconic battles like Wolverine vs. Sabretooth or Cable and Deadpool teaming up. There's a new chapter mastery mechanic being introduced with costume rewards for completion, and Incursion battles, which pit the player against agents and heroes from an alternate reality. There's even a new Spec Op coming that follows the comics' "Dark Reign" storyline, with Ares unlockable for players that conquer the scenario.

Exciting times, but none as exciting as Squirrel Girl, let alone Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo.

Meanwhile, on the mobile side, iOS gamers are gearing up for the first in-game Spec Op, along with the launch of season one, chapter six in early August.


That is all.