Dammit, Avengers Alliance Is On iOS Now

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Avengers Alliance, the oddly-compelling Marvel-themed turn-based role-playing game that I had serious trouble tearing myself away from on Facebook, is now a free iOS game. This is not good.


It's good for those of you who've avoided playing the game on Facebook or Playdom. It's really a nifty little social game, all things considered, with regular special events, tons of characters to collect and level up and limited social bugging requirements.

It's bad for those of us who've only recently gotten over playing it obsessively on Facebook. Those accounts don't seem to carry over, so it's a fresh start, a chance for players to build up a new team of Avengers in the privacy of their portable devices.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. You can get ithere.



Is it possible to have fun without shelling out F2P-style cash? I'm considering getting it, but not sure.