Masters of Slenderman Terror Join Slender Sequel

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Not with a gun to my head would I watch Marble Hornets. How much of a cowering, frightened ninny am I? I won't even google it to get an abstract of what the YouTube series is about to cite in this lead paragraph. It is, on Kirk Hamilton's recommendation to me, the most fucked-up frightening entry in the Slenderman mythos. And the guys behind it are going to bring their talents to the sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages.

Blue Isle Studios said in a statement yesterday that Joseph DeLage, Troy Wagner and Tim Sutton, "have been busy crafting a deeply immersive and truly frightening storyline for The Arrival."

Mark Hadley, the designer of Slender boasted that he's "confident that together we can produce a mind blowing horror experience in The Arrival." The game's release is planned for early 2013.


Marble Hornets Creators Join Development of The Arrival [Blue Isle Studios]

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"Masters of Slenderman Terror"? So, we're talking about something no more scary than an episode of Care Bears then? I can't believe people are frightened by something so weak.