Just in time for Valentine's Day, the natural evolution of the Rumble Massage program we posted last month, Remote Masseuse, a Xbox Community Game that lets you reach out and massage someone via Xbox Live.


Where Rumble Massage allowed you to use your Xbox 360 controller as a personal massager, Remote Masseuse lets folks activate the rumble of someone else's controller over the internet via Xbox Live. You can control the speed and intensity of your "friend's" vibration, while they apply it to their tense shoulder muscles, and not their crotch. As the description reads, it's "Great for long distance relationships". Oh, and it supports voice chat as well, so...you know.

At only 200 Microsoft Points, Remote Masseuse is one of the cheaper ways to apply plastic to your loved one's nethers. Developer Entrager deserves a pat on the back. Just don't touch his hands.

Remote Masseuse [Xbox Marketplace - Thanks Pew!]

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