Your Xbox 360 Massages You Gently

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The XNA Community Games program continues to be a wealth of innovation on the Xbox 360, as a new program available for download turns your 360 controller into a "portable massager".

Rumble Massage is a new XNA game now available for download in either demo form or the full version, which will set you back 200 Microsoft points but includes the "Epic Mode" vibration settings, for those times when your shoulders are especially tense. From the official description:

Shoulders and back getting stiff from 18 hours of straight Gaming? Try Rumble Massage! Put a controller behind your neck and feel the soothing vibrations of the Xbox 360 controller. With the ability to control the rumble intensity and pulse, relaxing after a hard day of gaming has never been easier.


Look, all I ask is that you don't actually tell us where you put the controller. You can giggle all you want in the comments section, but let's not get into specifics.


Download Rumble Massage Here [ via Darkzero]

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Who needs this if you have Rez?