The Mass Effect movie has been in pre-production limbo for years now, and looks set to stay that way for a while yet, with Variety reporting that the script handed in by Thor writer Mark Protosevich has been binned, with TV writer Morgan Davis Foehl taking over.

Foehl's an interesting choice; he doesn't have a single produced screenplay to his name, but has popped up on people's radars after winning 2009's "Black List", an award handed out to the best unproduced screenplay in Hollywood.

So why give it to such an unproven writer? Well, in good news for Mass Effect fans Foehl is apparently a fan of the series, and "has also penned action pics with a strong espionage bent", which the producers feel would be a good fit for the project.

Legendary arms 'Mass Effect' with new scribe [Variety]

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