The Mass Effect Movie's Script Sounds Done, But, Well...

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It's been, oh, around a year since we last heard anything about the Hollywood adaptation of Mass Effect. While it's easy to joke that's because the team have had to go back and write a new ending, it seems the end (and beginning, and middle) have already been written, and quietly handed into teacher.

A report on Deadline about something else quickly slides in the fact that Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend), the project's screenwriter, has already written a Mass Effect script for Legendary Pictures, and is now moving onto another sci-fi project, Collider, alongside Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz).


So, if the script is done, what's the hold-up? The movie was supposed to be out this year, and we've heard nothing since Comic-Con 2011.

We don't know. We could guess, though, that like most other video game adaptations in Hollywood, something has gone wrong...

Edgar Wright To Direct Paramount's ‘Collider,' Mark Protosevich To Write [Deadline]

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That guy from Prometheus would be the perfect Commander Shepard, the whole time I watched that movie that's all I could think about, boy does he look like Shepard!