Mass Effect Dress-Ups For Your 360 Avatar

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I'm so torn on these premium avatar clothes! Part of me loves the idea of dressing the little guys up in official, in-game gear. A much bigger part of me abhors the fact Microsoft charge you for it.

Charging money to make your avatar a walking advertisement? Sigh.

Anyway, just in case that doesn't bother you - or you have some leftover MS Points lying around - Microsoft have today released some Mass Effect clothing options for the 360's avatars, ranging from Mass Effect-themed t-shirts right through to full suits of in-game armour.

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Platypus Man

Seriously, I feel like they should give this to you when you beat Mass Effect. Achievements are nice, but you can't really show them off. I mean, I still probably wouldn't wear it, but it'd be nice to know that I could dress like Commander Shepherd because I beat the game.

I'd say maybe in Mass Effect 2, but the fact that they've already done this and that people are already buying them tells me that they wouldn't release something for "free" that they're already charging for.