Mass Effect 2 Formally Introduces Kasumi Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled emMass Effect 2/em Formally Introduces Kasumi Tomorrow

An April 6 release for Mass Effect 2's "Kasumi" DLC is hardly a secret or a surprise. If nothing else, this video reminds you to get your grubby paws on it tomorrow.


Billed as an homage to James Bond (warning, spoilers at that link), it delivers us Commander Shepard in some kind of astro-tux with his new ally, Kasumi Goto, intergalactic heist artist extraordinaire. Don't worry, the two quickly ditch the need for formalities and slip into something a little more deadly.


The DLC is $7 for PC or whatever the hell the equivalent is of seven bucks is in Microsoft Points for Xbox 360. Is it 560 points? I can't do math right now.

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"But Owen!! I have 570 points!!! The leftover equivalent is equal to twelve cents!!! MICROSOFT HAS SCAMMED ME!!!"

In all seriousness, I can't wait to get my hands on this. I've delayed my damn insanity playthrough this long just so I could play this DLC along with the firewalker mission so I can have all characters with me for the suicide run. I cannot wait!