Marvel VS Capcom 2 PS3 Coming In August

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PlayStation 3 owners are going to have to wait a couple of weeks longer than Xbox 360 owners to get their hands on Marvel VS Capcom 2.


At the time the July 29th release date was announced for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Marvel VS Capcom, the Capcom Europe website contained an image showing a similar release date for the PlayStation 3. As it turns out, that image was a bit misleading. Capcom has now passed along the official word on the PlayStation Network version, delivering an August 13th release date and a $15 price tag for the Capcom/Marvel Comics crossover.

It's funny. I figured when Capcom announced the exclusive PlayStation Network demo for the game that the PSN version would drop first. Must be those dog days of Summer of Arcade.


Carlos Shabo

already saw this date last month when i pre ordered it at Gamestop(I like cases).

but its gonna be cool when people play on the 360 and figure there is NO COMPETITION, SINCE 360 USERS SUCK AT FIGHTING GAMES