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While Marvel's release date prediction for Marvel VS Capcom 2 fell through, we're pretty confident that the July release date Capcom just announced for the Xbox Live Arcade version is reliable.


Marvel might have been a bit off when they suggested a June 29th release for Marvel VS Capcom 2, but they were pretty damn close. The actual release date for the Xbox Live Arcade version of the beloved brawler is July 29th, so really they were only off by two letters. The game is being released as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion, which groups together Xbox Live Arcade games of particular merit, which must make the developers of games released in a normal fashion feel like crap. "of Arcade" titles generally cost more than usual as well, with MvC2's 1200 point price tag right in line with the trend.

No official word on the PlayStation Network release yet, but we can probably assume that it will fall somewhere around the 29th as well.


Update: It has been pointed out to me that the Capcom Europe page has the PlayStation 3 release listed as July 29th as well. So I was right...halfway. Sort of.

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