Marvel Universe Back From The Dead

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Once upon a time, Cryptic were working on Marvel Universe, an MMO based on the company's comic book characters. It was, in 2007, canned. In 2009, though, it's back.


Reports announcing the formation of ambitious start-up company Gazillion Entertainment reveal that the publisher has four development studios working on massively multiplayer games. One is NetDevil, who as we already know, are working on LEGO Universe. A second is Amazing Society, who are working on the Super Hero Squad MMO due in 2010. The third is Slipgate Ironworks (John Romero's new company), who are developing an "unannounced original MMO".

The fourth? Gargantuan, located in San Mateo, California, who are working on "Marvel Universe", an MMO for the PC and "consoles" (360 & PS3, presumably). Marvel Universe, eh? Interesting. Especially when you consider this all-new project (since the guts of the last, cancelled game went on to become Cryptic's Champions Online) is being worked on by former developers yanked from Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment, Cryptic and NCsoft.

This new being very new, there's no accompanying screenshots or further details or anything like that, so the fact it's a Marvel MMO for the PC and consoles is going to have to suffice for now.

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i'm slightly happy by this, but I think Champions will beat out all the super hero MMOs unless Marvel (or even DC for that matter) step it up in the creation side of the game.