Marvel Signs Big MMO Deal

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Mystery publisher Gazillion Entertainment have signed a deal with Marvel to produce several massively-multiplayer online titles for the comics powerhouse.

Having tried once - and failed - to get an MMO based on their characters off the ground, Marvel have now turned to Gazillion to develop a number of MMOs over a ten year period, with the first game, based off Marvel's Super Hero Squad, due next year.


The deal covers all Marvel characters (think Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, etc) and in no way affects other deals currently in place with other publishers, like Sega and Activision, for singleplayer titles. Interestingly, the WSJ piece also says that Gazillion - who we, nor Google, have ever heard of - are publishing Netdevil's LEGO Universe.

Further information - on both the deal and, we hope, Gazillion themselves - is expected to be revealed when the deal is officially announced tomorrow.

UPDATE - OK, we have information on Gazillion. They're a highly ambitious start-up, with over 300 people already employed across multiple studios. Netdevil, who are working on the LEGO MMO, are one of them.

Marvel Reaches Deal for Multiplayer Online Games [WSJ]

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OH god why would you use that pic? ultimates 3 was the worst thing to come from marvel in years...and then they did ultimatum which hit a new low...but i can safely say i would play any lame mmo based on the marvel univere were it to ever exist