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Marvel Pinball Tries to Control the Raging Spirit That Dwells in World War Hulk

Revealed about three weeks ago, Avengers Chronicles is the next series of tables that Zen Studios is making for its Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX 2 downloadable games on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, respectively. Here's the first trailer for one of those tables, World War Hulk.


It looks absolutely huge, which is intentional, I'm sure, and it looks like the missions will pit you against Thing, Wolverine and Doctor Strange, among others. I never knew Strange could take a punch from Hulk. By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!


The tables are due to release "spring 2012."

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Too late. The Pinball Arcade was released today on XBLA and its physics are so much better than Zen's cartoony physics I just can't go back.