Marvel Pinball Offers Prizes in Spider-Man Tourney

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A while ago, Stephen Totilo introduced me to the concept of a "chaser" - a downloadable title played to take a break after a session on a serious, narrative-based game or in a long stretch of multiplayer. The Marvel Pinball tables in Pinball FX 2have been my chaser of choice for the past few months. They're also a great gaming experience unto themselves.

So I need little incentive to play Spider-Man on Marvel Pinball, but maker Zen Studios is tossing it out there anyway. Between now and Aug. 12, it's running a tournament on that table, with prizes.


First place gets 4,000 Microsoft Points, an annual subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, and a Spider-Man T-shit from Mighty Fine. Second place gets a set of steak knives. Third place is you're fired. No, kidding, second and third place get the shirt, the sub and 1,600 MS points. Zen says it'll toss out random prizes as well, so if you have the table (it's in the original Marvel Pinball extension, which gets you three other tables, for 800 Microsoft Points) there's prizes to be claimed out there. Start chasin'.

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I own Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball on PS3. They're fine and dandy, and I enjoy playing them now and again.

But when I want a real pinball experience, I pop in Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. It may be the case that I'm its unofficial proselytizer. But every time I read a pinball story on Kotaku, I feel the need to extol PHOF's virtues.

It's got 13 real tables from the years 1970 to 1995, many of which are all time pinball classics (such as Medieval Madness, Pin*Bot, Funhouse, Whirlwind, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Gorgar, Black Knight... the list just keeps going). The tables are completely accurate and have very realistic ball physics. You will not find any "tricks" such as in the ZP games, where balls get teleported, sliced in half, whatever.

And the 1080p graphics are spectacular. The colors are beautiful, the textures and playfield art are nearly photo-realistic.

For $20 (or even less online), the value cannot be beat. Before taxes, 13 tables at ZP prices would be $32.37 (or Marvel Pinball at $38.87). The game is available on both HD systems, as well as the Wii.

PHOF does have online leaderboards, though they are not as nice as ZP/MP. They're basically just straight leaderboards with no sorting. It's the game's only flaw.

I just really, really, REALLY want people to buy this game, mainly so that there might be a chance of me getting more games by the same crew (Crave/Farsight) in the future.