Marvel Kills Amazing Iron Man Suits

A group calling themselves the "Iron Man Factory" had hoped to use Kickstarter to fund construction of a series of incredible 3D-printed Iron Man costumes. They really should have asked Marvel first, though.

Without their blessing, the comics giant has unsurprisingly shut the campaign down, which is a triumph for copyright law but sad news for regular humans, who have been robbed of the chance to spend $35,000 on their own fitted, custom-made Iron Man suit.


I know, using licenses without permission is wrong, but just look at these suits. The creators had already lined up a factory in China to print the gear (individual components like a helmet could be bought for much less), and the detail on these is amazing.

Those looking for an Iron Man suit of their own, you're always welcome to take your chances with a box of scraps in a cave in Afghanistan.

Crowdfunded Iron Man Suit Project Seeking 5K Pre-Orders For Production Run[Techcrunch]

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