Here's the demo reel for A.J. LoCascio, whose dead-ringer Marty McFly voice highlights the Back to the Future game now out for PC. LoCascio gets into character by remembering how he'd ask a girl out in high school.

"If I was asking out a girl, I would sound too much like Marty and it was never the most attractive thing to have in high school," LoCascio says in an interview with Asylum. "It's a matter of almost making myself artificially nervous."


Above is LoCascio's voice reel, including the McFly impressions he submitted when Telltale Games and Bob Gale, the original Back to the Future writer, were casting the game. Its first of five episodes released for Mac and PC on Wednesday, with a version due for PS3 soon. The virtuoso performance has gotten plenty of attention, beyond just video games. The director Kevin Smith calls his work "fuckin' dumbfounding."

Man's Marty McFly Impersonation Scores Him Video Game Role [Asylum]

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