Since I just got promoted, I can finally reveal that I lack any experience with one rather common game. I haven't played a minute of Warcraft - except for the original RTS. On a Mac.

Fortunately, Cracked is here to explain the Warcraft phenomenon in the context of something I can understand - Super Mario Bros. of which I have played shitloads. This 1,500 word slandering of MMOs in general, Warcraft and its players in specific, is full of revelations like: "Getting a WoW group to do anything together is harder than getting a bag of chickens its SCUBA certification," and "WoW is like Girls Gone Wild without the tits: idiots and douches taking turns doing anything to get noticed, and no one knows what a condom looks like."

I thought about this for the Reader earlier today, except it is anything but erudite. Console gamers, go have a good 15 minutes of schadenfreude. MMO fans, commisserate here.

Understanding World of Warcraft Using Super Mario Brothers [Cracked, thanks Gabe]