Mario Odyssey Comes With Its Theme Song Lyrics Printed On The Inside Of The Case

“Jump Up, Super Star!” is both incredibly corny and hard not to love. Nintendo is apparently in love with it as well, having not only made it available to download on iTunes but also gone to the trouble of printing all the words to it on the inside of the game’s case.


The game, which comes out officially later this week on October 27 but is already in the hands of some, with a YouTuber posting their discovery of the lyrics on Twitter. As was confirmed by Mario Odyssey’s producer earlier this year, the song, spoken lyrics and all, will also appear in the game itself. You can listen to it in its entirety below.

Are you ready to do the Odyssey?

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Now, can you invert the Y-axis controls or not? Tried a demo, can’t invert the y-axis. If the y-axis is wrong, I won’t play.

Ok, I totally will, but I’m going to bitch about it the entire time.