Mario Maker Stage Forces Players To Beat It Without Jumping

When I started a Mario Maker level that claimed I wouldn’t be able to jump, I thought the designer was kidding. They weren’t.

As part of my Mario Maker Morning series on YouTube, viewers send me letters with their level codes. Given that I can’t play every single stage, I’ve asked people to clear a small hurdle to ensure it’s part of the show. It’s how I ran into that nasty stage created by a clever 8-year-old.


Here’s what the letter said:

“Hey Patrick, Toadette has been begging em to share her Pink Coin Hunt with you. As per any level with her or her friend Captain Toad, NO JUMPING. Enjoy!”

I suspected this would be a self-imposed challenge, rather than something the designer could enforce. As it turns out, Toadette’s Pink Coin Hunt does go out its way to make sure you’re not able to take advantage of jumping.


This is accomplished by hiding invisible blocks over the level. They don’t appear until the player interacts with them by...jumping. This resulted in some hilariously frustrating moments, as I tested the limitations:


It’s a funny gimmick for a short but enjoyable level. You should play it.

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