So you can imagine how pumped I was last night when Grogu ended up being saved by Best’s Jedi character. It took 20 years of abuse and harassment. 20 years of suffering. He had to go through so much. He wanted to end it all, even. But finally, in 2023, Ahmed Best got to portray a badass Jedi Master, wielding two lightsabers and fighting off Clone Troopers without breaking a sweat. Not only that, he was saving Grogu, a new beloved character who, in a different timeline, could just as easily have ended up as the next Jar Jar. It almost feels like Best is, in a meta way, saving Grogu from a similar fate to what he suffered over two decades ago.


I assume we will see more of Best’s Jedi in a future episode of the show. There are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding Grogu. But whatever. For now, I’m just happy that Ahmed Best finally got to escape the shadow of Jar Jar. Dude deserved this moment.