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Man Shot Dead Over PlayStation 4 Sale

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Saturday brought news of the first robbery of a PlayStation 4; today brings news of the first killing associated with one. Police in Orlando, Fla. say two men were shot, one fatally, in the aftermath of a PS4 sale gone wrong Sunday afternoon.


Authorities say Emmanuel Johnson, 25, had agreed to meet an unidentified 23-year-old man outside Orlando police HQ at 4:30 p.m. to buy the console from him. The meeting location was changed at the last minute, and that's where the shooting occurred.


Johnson ended up shot dead. The unnamed 23-year-old was also hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Investigators don't believe anyone else was involved in the transaction or the shooting, a spokesman said.

PlayStation 4 Sale Prompts Shooting, Leaving One Dead [Orlando Sentinel]

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No offense to any of the good people in Florida, but when is that state going to float off to sea and never bother America again.