Man Gets 27 Years for Killing Crying Baby Who Interrupted His Game

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William Johnston was on this Earth for only one month. Andrew Keith Johnston, for 19 years. And he'll be spending the next 27 in a Tennessee prison, whose population generally doesn't look favorably upon child killers.


Andrew Johnston, of Normandy, Tenn., pleaded guilty on Monday and was sentenced on Thursday. In October 2010, he was playing video games when his newborn son began crying in his bassinett. Johnston told a judge that he went over to the baby, grabbed him, and shook him by his two legs, reports The Shelbyville (Tenn.) Times-Gazette.

The infant's mother had left to go to the store. She was gone for only 10 minutes. Discovering the baby was unresponsive and suffering from hypothermia (Johnston had tried to revive him in a cold shower), she called 911; on Oct. 22, in Nashville, William Johnston was taken from life support and died.


It's a hell of a thing when you admit guilt and still go down for 27 years. Pleading guilty probably is the only thing that spared Johnston from life in prison. Two lives, one ended, one ruined in one angry instant. Chilling.

Father Admits Killing Son [Times-Gazette. Thanks Rio-GT]

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27 years is a bit much.. crying babies are fuckin annoying and its not like the baby was doing anything important =/

on a side note the fact thats its been known that prisoners have some dumbass honor code and will murder you for such a thing makes the law system no better than the murderer. Every judge knows how the prison system works and what the honor code is.. basically sentencing him to death or rape which will lead to death..

if anything this guy needs anger management classes + a shit load of community service not 27 years of his life down the drain due to some baby who didnt have one to begin with. He even admitted it, which means its not something who always does..

people do dumb shit when their mad, this is no exception =( i hope with good behavior he gets out soon and gets the help he needs. ya you can argue the baby never got a chance to live life but ill bet anything the kid wasnt gonna be the next president.. but this guy was already establishing his. wish him the best of luck hes gonna need it.